Byron Bay

Byron Bay may well be Australia's only true global village with people from all over the world visiting this unique destination throughout the year.

In this naturally beautiful town all levels of society mix and mingle while taking in Byron Bay's all encompassing ambience.

At the heart of Byron Bay and overlooking Main Beach is The Byron Bay Beach Hotel. Here you will find an eclectic mix of people in the spacious beer garden or vying for elbow space at the bar as the sun goes down. 

Come night Byron Bay is alive with people lining the streets eating alfresco or lining up to enter the many live music venues playing host to visiting bands as street musicians strum their guitars. Later into the night the many funky night clubs get their deep base techno beats pumping.

Shopping is a treat in Byron Bay where the streets are lined with boutiques selling everything from surf gear to cutting edge fashion and home wares.

There's also a wide range of food choices including everything from hamburgers, kebabs and thick-shakes to fresh organic food, fresh lobster and Moet. 

Overlooking Byron Bay is the symbolic Cape Byron Lighthouse flashing its warning beam to container ships and yachts making their way along the coast. The heights of the Cape provide an ideal lookout for whale watching during their annual migration to the breeding grounds in Queensland while below the lighthouse sits the most easterly point of Australia. 

A spectacular 20 minute drive from Byron will bring you to a gorgeous place known as The Crystal Castle. Wander the Shambhala Gardens with giant crystals imported from all over the world and enjoy lunch at The Lotus Cafe overlooking awe-inspiring views over the Byron hinterland whilst enjoying delicious local and organic produce. Also, see the peace stupa built by Tibetan Monks - there are only 7 of them in the world - and walk three times around in a clock-wise direction releasing over 130,000 prayers for peace.